Dear Reader,

Thank you for being here! This is me in thirty words:

I'm Rebecca, 49, from the UK, with considerable expertise in getting lost - even on my way back from the bar. Married, type 1 diabetic. Avid walker, tall for a girl.

In my weekly Saturday letters you’ll find out more about me and my love for words and walking, my unfailing ability to get lost anywhere, my passion for organising my life using just a notebook, the fun and games involved in assisting my photographer husband on location shoots, the disadvantages of being far too tall and the occasional mention of my decades-long experience living with type 1 diabetes.

Not every letter I write is about getting lost:

  • Started in January 2023, each ‘Art & Treasures’ post published on the last Saturday of the month explores something special to me, both in words and on the pages of my altered-book art journal.

  • In my informal correspondence with fellow Substacker Terry Freedman you’ll see us exploring some of the amusing aspects of British everyday life. We each write on alternate Wednesdays, and you can find our letters in the  ‘Letters to Terry’ section.

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I’m not on Substack Notes, but am always very keen to engage with readers in the Comments section of my posts. Let’s get to know each other!

Happy hiker on the South Downs Way. Here I’m at The Devil’s Jumps - so I do know where I am sometimes. The Devil's Jumps are a group of five large bell barrows situated on the South Downs 1.2km south-east of Treyford in West Sussex, southern England. That little wire leading to the gadget on my rucksack strap? That’s the hosepipe for my insulin pump.

Thank you for reading! Keep well.



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Letters from a writer navigating the world with absolutely no sense of direction.


Rebecca Holden

A writer navigating the world with absolutely no sense of direction.